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Written to the beat of Esta’s “Hruby”

I’ve been searching seven seas till my knees drop
To the hearse and God speaks on his own verse 
But he’s not and we not faithful in what we can’t hear
So they take every fear and scream it into ears but
I see knots tying us all up like these cots to trees and
No treason so we not betraying all our reasons
Chillin’ in the breeze and creating these legions 
Like… I’m fighting for my dreams so
I’m tying up these seams like sewin’ up some jeans
And taking what I read and settin’ them free 
Like the breeze got wind or the drops got rain
And fire to the chain, we shot for the pain 
For the master is my brain just looking for the answers man 
So fuck a limitation, that’s exacerbation 
Release like masturbation from the place they came
And take em to face em’ that’s our true face and…
You can trace the lines but can you really taste em?
I’m tryna base em on what I’ve observed
Cause we can’t swerve since I can serve
The mines conserve, and we converse
Like weakness burns when we confirm
That we are knights till the urn and turn
To bring our terms where life concerns
And I draw my sword in the form of these songs 
And I draw these pieces cause we don’t have long 
To answer the question, what the fuck is it for? 
Are we destined like the best of em and do we reach the shore?
And is this all we have, or is there even more?
And if not, what the fuck even matters? 
Since all we really are… are pieces of matter
That rather stuck together and everything is one 
Likes there’s banners for the madness and the sadness leads to gun
But joy for the dancers who go looking for the answers 
And the lighters in the sky or the fighters set to die  
Or the peaceful living life and the others getting by
Like all kinds of hues since the spectrum be bleeding 
And I say give your life your own little meaning

So this is the first real beat I’ve made. It’s not particularly great, but I’m going to keep making them and hopefully get better.

If you guys could provide criticism I’d appreciate it.

I’m going to have another beat up by next Monday.


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