「Anime Tidbit #01.」 Hagimura Suzu’s Head’s Design-savy, Re-appearing Caption (Seitokai Yakuindomo*)

Anime: Seitokai Yakuindomo*


It’s two-dimensional, it’s three-dimensional, it rotates and revolves like a planet in orbit around the sun that is her head, it has a secondary rainbow-gradient stroke, it changes color by the letter, it has a striped-pattern overlay, it marquees, it spins like a wheel, it’s worn and curved like a crown and it even comes with a nifty pointing arrow. The design-savy caption has a mind of its own as it numerously appears in different fonts, hues, and kinetic animations to insist that Student Council Treasurer Hagimura Suzu is indeed present! Its presentation throughout the episode seems like a typographer’s keyboard-happy dream come true, and heck, it’s only the first episode of the series. Studio GoHands‘ magnificent standard for art and animation is a marvel established by the artistry of its illustrative work and further enhanced by the beauty of its more subtle intricacies, such as the meticulous typesetting work presented upon this diminutive, ちび girl’s head.


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