「TV Series of the Week」 Avatar: The Legend of Korra (Book Two: Spirits) S02E01 (Season Premiere)

Definitely have some mixed feelings here. After season one’s finale, I was really excited Team Avatar was finally leaving Republic City and the sentiments established during that arc, but nineteen minutes into the premiere and things seem all too familiar. In this sense, I would have much preferred things started in media res. A very “welcome back” reintroduction shows us that our main cast consists of the same ol’ characters, which may be a good or bad thing. Likewise, the amount of focus on respective characters remains unchanged, which in my opinion is absolutely unfortunate. I don’t think Bolin could have worded it any better when he said, “I’m a natural assistant.” As for the new members of the cast, I’m a fan of the totally bad-ass father to our central character, Tonraq, though he unfortunately gets the short end of the stick in competition to his familial and political rival, Unalaq, a shifty character who lies too well on the boundary between ally and enemy and also similarly bears the manipulative nature of former antagonist Tarrlok, an archetype now overly taxing after season one’s duration. What seems to drive all eventual progressions in this premiere is Korra’s hyper-emotional reactions to everyone (to much of my own dismay), albeit the story and world, somewhat, do essentially revolve around her. In converse to Bolin, Asami, and others being subverted in terms of screen-time, our much more minor character (in comparison) Jinora had a pretty damn meaningful, reflective, and well-defining scene, which lasted distinctively longer than I thought it would (though still not long enough because being quite the quite adoring character she is the main contender in replacing Korra as protagonist, if any such running existed). This somewhat did turn into a complete upset though, because it seemed as if that particular scene’s whole purpose was just as a juxtaposition to Korra unlocking the Southern Lights. Just so we could see that idol of an Avatar irradiate, seemingly. In other aspects, the premiere was a suitable refresher that also teased greater things to come, such as Bumi and Kya possibly becoming regulars in the cast (yes, much preferred). Despite a questionable performance and execution this week (the spirits could sometimes pass through physical objects and sometimes couldn’t, Korra maybe be more of an active learner but she suddenly almost “mastered” the spiritual techniques used by Unalaq just like she suddenly “mastered” air-bending just like she suddenly “mastered” healing people from loss of bending), the book title of “Spirits” still has trust in the exciting themes and motifs that are more akin to the original Avatar series. To be honest, I think the Industrial Revolution overtones are wearing a bit too thick.


4 thoughts on “「TV Series of the Week」 Avatar: The Legend of Korra (Book Two: Spirits) S02E01 (Season Premiere)

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