「TV Series of the Week」Community S04E13 (Season Finale)

Community S04E13 | “Advanced Introduction to Finality”

It took forever to get Community back with a fourth season (with a large and much needed contribution from the fan-base, I might add), but it seems like we’ve suddenly been thrown to this surreal point where the show’s continuation is once again at jeopardy.

My reaction to this season’s performance has generally been mixed, with pretty much every week and episode evoking a different feel from me. While some episodes were amongst the best of the entire series for me (S04E05 | Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations, especially), others were the worst of the worst (S04E02 | Paranormal Parentage).  Thankfully, the season’s closer was amongst the better ones.

It’s a blast from the past, and in more ways than one. We’re treated to the long-awaited return of a paintball edition finale. As Abed tells Jeff,

Don’t logic this one away from me. We finally figured out a way to make paintball cool again.

Additionally, it just has the nostalgic taste for superbly meta self-referential jokes, clever pop-culture implementations, and heartfelt communal relationships that we developed in seasons one and two. So I can’t help but give a big kudos to the remaining writers on the show. Even though Dan Harmon is absent as show-runner, and that really does dissect an unexplainable cohesiveness from the show, they’re still dishing it out with quite genius and creative writing.

The whole episode is an abrupt experience. Just last week, we ended with the red herring of a conflict in the form of City College’s revenge, but no sign of Dean Spreck is seen this week, nor is his Pistol Patty ice cream cone disguise. From the start, we’re thrown into Jeff’s much more personal struggle about graduating before everyone else. And after a slew of paintball gun-slinging, we’re just suddenly done. It doesn’t even seem like the show’s signature theme, “Greendale Is Where I Belong” plays long enough for proper closure. So while Jeff seems completely ready to move by the end of the episode, I can’t say the same for us, the viewers. If there is anything that I can pour certainty into, it’s that if the real Jeff’s (and by that, I mean Joel McHale) tweet, “5th season,” is anything to go by, then there’s always a reason for hope.

Regardless of known and unknown fates, I graciously thank whoever needed be for this wonderful television series. It’s been an invaluable watch and something I will always adore.


Update: “On May 10, 2013, Community was renewed for a 13-episode fifth season.”


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