Different Origins of Fervor

A year or two ago, I once said to a friend of mine, “I don’t want the most work I’ve put into something to be for something I was assigned by someone else.” This, of course, was in reference to the life-style of academia. At the time, this was just a high-schooler’s faint disappointment of “Man, I can’t believe the first all-nighter I pulled in my life was just to do homework. How lame.” and other things of that sort. But I have to say that these past three semesters in university have without doubt made this a prominent matter to consider. I mean, what was just a little disappointment has now turned into pretty severe sleep deprivation, depression, and even some spontaneous physical conditions which have given me a lingering concern for my own health.

After a decent amount of consideration with this in mind, I’ve decided to reenact, hours and hours and days and days of sleep deprivation. Not for school but for myself. I’ve been influenced by a many amount of inspirational people in my life, and something I’ve discovered common in them is their grasp on the necessity of sleep. (This is also something I’d like to dedicate an entire blog post to, concerning what is sleep and the way people I adore prioritize it.) So, I can’t help but consider the prospect of “Passion that supersedes the tendency of rest” as nothing short of, as a respect-worthy One Piece character would say, A MAN’S ROMANCE!

Christmas Break is finally upon me and I am already loving every moment of it. I’ve yearned for it so much these past weeks, dead week especially. Well, now, now finals are over and what I have to accomplish before me are my own ambitions. (No ill-meaning intended to the pursuit of knowledge.) And oh boy, are there a lot of them for the next 5 weeks. Ones that I (and hopefully, we,) can truly have fun with. When I was younger, I was home alone a lot. But being the resourceful (or would you say pathetic) boy I was, I created company in the form of, well, simply leaving the television on. Let’s neglect the electricity bill and say this was a good and smart thing. Say what you want, but with cable access, that television was as human as anybody. It held conversations, feelings, and actions of multiple people! Well, years later and here I am, still proud to clickity-clack that television on when I’m alone even if I don’t plan to watch it attentively. It’s a better atmosphere. Period. One thing, however, has changed. We have better technology. And alongside television, my friend live-streaming is here to consort me. Now I don’t know if there’s anybody out there as lonely as me and enough to just leave a livestream open in the side-window, background, whatever just to have that ambiance. But hell, I’m willing to bet. The world can be an oh-so-lonely place. Even Christmas time can be a dark period. If I, or the radiation from a livestream window open on your monitor, can be the light in your loneliness, I will gladly extend that company to you.

As such, I would like to officially announce that starting today,

Saturday, December 15th, until the New Year, I will be live-streaming/life-casting

my activities at home. (Nonstop, not including of any sudden technical difficulties.) My eagerness to create my own stream channel was heightened during finals week (It’s not like I was watching people stream games all night instead of studying or anything…!) and this morning I’ve finally settled the technicalities of doing so. Of course, I’ll be outside a lot during this break, (maybe even for the majority of the time) but I’ll be leaving the stream active hopefully with entertaining company for any possible viewers. Additionally, while I am stationed here in my signature computer omega-sector, you can expect streams of:

  • Games: Heroes of Newerth, Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second (OBT starts December 27th), etc.
  • Anime, television shows, and movies (Audio only most likely)
  • Drawing with tablet
  • Music
  • Nose-picking
  • Stupid Skype conversations with stupid friends
  • Etc. (Suggestions welcomed in the chat and whatnot)

I’m still at a crossroads regarding what service to use, but between ustream and livestream, I believe I’ll be siding with the latter because of its more general life-casting orientation as well as lighter frequency of ads. If anything, links to both are provided below:



So that’s that. Although I plan to publish plenty of blog post drafts on this page before the year ends, I still want to say, even if break just barely start:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Have a great holiday season! Here’s to passion!

tl;dr – Boy becomes concerned about health problems from staying up all night studying instead of sleeping, resolves to staying up all night playing games instead of sleeping


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