I held hands with a ghost today 
I was forced to pray that this was real, I could heal, 
She could steal my heart from the grind, want of the shine 
It’s only in rhymes and lines but you have to leave eventually. 
I think I’m scared for that time to come 
So I drown it away in liquor and rum, sum up the history 
Added to my misery, spiritually I feel weak 
So a fist plants on walls, stalls every room for me. 
It’s doom to me—the day finally fades and I have to bid farewell. 
She tells me she don’t but I know it’s a must, 
And still I sculpt a bust to keep her safe, 
The lust has far since gone, 
Protections still there for the face  
Directions go to stop the chase. 
It must be fought, horror to the lost,
All self deception for my self inception 
You’re the exception who can’t be vexed, 
Friends say you hexing like a witch or a bitch but I disagree, 
You’re still that caring, kind woman whom I used to love
My best friend, protector when push came to shove
Who could always find me in the darkest of spaces 
Then lift me up to the highest of places 
That’s sanctuary, haven, paradise,
But fate and her pair of dice sliced the string  
And now where to go? 
I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know 
But please leave me be, 
So many things to do and places to see 
I can’t be stuck on you, nor you on me 
Seems kinda lonely, 
I need some peace from the haunting, from wanting, from taunting, 
From thinking this is still tangible. 
It’s not, it’s not no matter what I thought.
So more shots for a while, while I rehearse
And get ready for my destiny on this earth 

Please. I wish you all the joy in the universe 
I’m on my way too, with this puny verse